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Indicative artist impression, subject to change and subject to approvals

The vision

Kellyville will be a vibrant place, with a strong connection to nature through its many open spaces and connection to Elizabeth Macarthur Creek. It will offer the convenience and amenity of inner city living with connections to business, jobs and services.

Located in a bushland setting, with views of the Blue Mountains and Hills Shire, Kellyville will appeal to people with a range of lifestyles. The mix of housing will cater for different generations, lifestyles and price points, and will include 5% of Affordable Housing for key workers.

Kellyville will be pedestrian focused with walkable lush streets featuring planted verges, large trees, and new connections along Elizabeth Macarthur Creek.

There will be two distinct areas at Kellyville:

  • the station precinct will be the northern gateway to Kellyville and a hub for shopping and socialising. The buildings will include a diverse mix of retail that will support the needs of the future community, with an emphasis on local convenience and services.
  • the residential core will be located to the south of the station and be centred around a new local park. It will have a range of lower and medium density housing, including terraces, residential flat buildings and apartments.

At a glance

  • Location

    Extends from Samantha Riley Drive in the north to Memorial Avenue   in the south

  • Council area

    The Hills Shire  

  • Land use zonings

    Includes Local Centre (B2) and General Residential (R1)

  • Developable land

    Approximately 12.5 hectares

  • Diverse housing

    Meeting the needs of different people at different life stages.

  • Open space

    Planning will optimise green corridor connections to existing neighbourhoods

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