Creative Connections

It’s Transformation workshops

As part of Landcom’s Creative Connections program, The Story Factory worked with local school students to create stories about the transformation of Northwest Sydney, with a focus on our largest station precincts – Bella Vista and Kellyville.

Richard Short from The Story Factory facilitated the It’s Transformation workshops to guide students in co-creating storytelling that will capture a changing place through time – past, present and future.

Students from two schools, Crestwood High and Glenwood High, participated in the program. The workshops gave students the chance to think about the history of their local area, the way they exist in their area and the messages they would like to leave for others to think about. Using a variety of short texts, students explored the concepts of transformation and change; in particular how our view of the world is constantly changing in response to the transformations occurring in the world around us.

Thank you to the students who participated in the workshops. See more about their experience and writings below.


Bella Vista: The Golden Hour Mural

‘The Golden Hour’ mural is co-designed by artist duo Muralisto, Glenwood High School and the Northwest community.

In September 2023, artist duo Muralisto collaborated with Year 9 students from Glenwood High School to create collage mandalas featuring local flora and fauna, symbolising the cyclical nature of life and the seasons. These mandalas were incorporated into the mural design. The students enjoyed working in small groups and learning about flora and fauna, such as wattle, waratahs, black cockatoos, Scribbly gums, and lillypillies.

Students gained valuable insights into the professional mural process, acquired new skills in collage and collaboration, and enthusiastically co-designed elements of the mural with the guidance of the artist.

Read more about Muralisto and 'The Golden Hour' mural, which is displayed at Bella Vista Pocket Park next to Bella Vista Station.

Muralisto is an artist duo comprising siblings Xander Zee and Zoe Suji. Their vision is to create public art with purpose in Australia and around the world and to produce works that address the social, political, cultural, and environmental issues we face as a global community.

It’s Transformation artworks

We’ve been working with artist Dave Coleman to bring our students’ works to life. Dave’s energetic and colourful illustrations have been inspired by a selection of words and extracts from the students’ texts, and their fond memories and experiences of living in Northwest Sydney.

Dave is an illustrator and animator who grew up in Sydney’s Northwest and has a special affinity for the region.

Read more about Dave Coleman and the artworks which are on display near Bella Vista and Kellyville Stations.

Crestwood High

Richard returned to the school he attended to meet with a dozen students in June 2022. During the session the students:

  • explored their sense of place, writing about memories of places they like to visit in Northwest Sydney
  • visited Nurragingy Reserve to meet with Aunty Daphne, Aunty Stella and Aunty Ray to learn perspectives of the past
  • went to Kellyville Station to imagine the future precinct.  

Kellyville Haibun

by Leana

What will stand on the land of our people? Our lives changed by the shapes of the walls, the colour of the floors, the lights of the halls.
From empty grass to bright scenery. A new world has begun.
Through winding streets, through the busy lines of the Metro. We meet at the centre. Conversation quietly riddled in the cafes. What stories are told?

See all of the contributions from Crestwood High School students. 

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Glenwood High

On a rainy, winter day in July 2022 we visited Glenwood High to work with students on short prose poems exploring students' relationships with the Northwest of Sydney and students' visions for the future of the area. As part of the day Aunty Ray and Uncle Elvis shared stories about the history of the area, including their personal experiences and thoughts about reconciliation and social responsibility. 

Kellyville Haibun

by Paige

Colour paints the pathways and walls, spreading its warmth.
Young children smile and laugh, “Higher!” they shout. Tired workers returning to the smiles of their families. All cultures live as one. The future welcomes everyone in a warm embrace. The sunlight gazes down at a new world and brings something for everyone. Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. The future of Northwest is a future of love and opportunity.

Cultures live as one
Children smiling and laughing
The future is here.

See all of the contributions from Glenwood High School students. 

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