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Public art

Bella Vista: The Golden Hour By Muralisto

Muralisto is an artist duo made up of siblings Xander Zee and Zoe Suji.

Their vision is to create public art with purpose, in Australia, and around the world, and to produce works that address the social, political, cultural, and environmental issues we face as a global community.

About the artwork

'The Golden Hour’ mural is a visual story about growth and interconnection. The artists, Muralisto, worked with students from Glenwood High School to create collage mandalas of local flora and fauna, which are interwoven throughout the mural to remind us that everything has a season and a cycle.

The mural's composition references golden and peach skies, dandelion yellow, and lavender purple, found alongside the grey blues of thunder and summer storms, representing the many changing faces of the sky.

At the beginning of the mural, notice the seed nestled in soil and follow its journey, from dawn to dusk, through the seasons to blossom into the eucalypt, the flannel flower and the acacia tree.

This mural invites the community to be a part of the story, to witness ourselves in our surroundings and our community and to participate in acts of reciprocity, presence and kindness. The Golden Hour is a moment in which we all pause to marvel at the world dressed in glinting warmth and gold and take a deep breath.

In October 2023, residents from Northwest Sydney came to meet the Muralisto team and participate in talks with the artists and screen printing featuring the beautiful mural artwork designs at the Art, Eats & Beats with Muralisto at Bella Vista events. These two fun-filled days brought the community together in a celebration of art and creativity.