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About Cherrybrook

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The vision

The government-owned land around Cherrybrook Station was deemed a State Significant Precinct due to its social and economic characteristics, particularly in relation to the provision of new housing and new jobs.

State Significant Precincts respond to the NSW Government’s strategies for providing well designed buildings and public spaces, healthy environments with open space networks, trees, links to public transport and road networks, and jobs and housing. Due to their significance, State Significant Precincts are assessed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in consultation with the local council and the local community.

Landcom’s vision for the Cherrybrook SSP is for an inviting, welcoming place that provides a range of housing choices, open spaces for community activity, spaces for businesses and community facilities, and easy access to new metro services.

Under the proposed rezoning, development could include a mix of uses including retail, residential, services, community and open spaces.

At a glance

  • Location

    North of Castle Hill Road and bounded by Robert and Franklin Roads, Cherrybrook

  • Council area

    Hornsby Shire  

  • Land size

    7.7 hectares (3.5 hectares of developable land)

  • New residential dwellings

    Subject to further studies

  • Delivery timing

    Subject to approval, up to 10+ years, delivered in stages

  • Potential land uses

    Subject to further studies, uses could include community space, retail, commercial and open space 

  • Diverse housing

    Meeting the needs of different people at different life stages

Cherrybrook Station Government Land State Significant Precinct

The Cherrybrook Station Government Land State Significant Precinct (Cherrybrook SSP) is 7.7 hectares in area and includes Cherrybrook Station, the commuter carpark, Bradfield Parade and vacant land to the east of the station. The site is bound by Castle Hill Road to the south, Franklin Road to the south-east, and Robert Road to the north-west. The focus of community engagement is on the 3.5 hectares of vacant land in the eastern section of the site.

The Cherrybrook SSP has the potential to become a vibrant local centre with shops and services, quality public spaces, community services and a mix of housing in a leafy setting and with easy access to business and entertainment districts.

Landcom is seeking to change the Cherrybrook SSP site zoning to enable lively mixed-use development around the new Cherrybrook Station.

We have commissioned the technical investigations and reports required by Study Requirements issued by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. When complete, these studies will provide information to support planning for the Cherrybrook SSP.

The rezoning application will propose high level planning controls to amend the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 and Hornsby Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013, including heights, open space provision and setbacks. The application will include an indicative concept plan that shows development possibilities under the proposed rezoning.

After our rezoning application is lodged, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will place it on public exhibition for further comment. The Department will then review the submissions it receives, before the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces makes a final decision.

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Cherrybrook Station government-owned lands declared a State Significant Precinct



  • Rezoning proposal investigation
  • Community consultation to inform Cherrybrook Stations State Significant Precinct proposal

2021 and beyond

  • Further rezoning proposal investigation
  • Rezoning proposal is placed on public exhibition by Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Minister for Planning and Public Spaces makes a determination about whether to rezone the site

Community engagement

Thank you to the many people who shared their thoughts about the future of the government owned land at Cherrybrook Station

The consultation period closed in September 2020 and we are reviewing the feedback you provided to refine the proposal.

We have done an initial review of the feedback, and heard that some people:

  • value the Blue Gum High Forest and the green, leafy look and feel of Cherrybrook
  • want more cafes, restaurants and safe places for young people to meet, while others told us they were happy to use services in Castle Hill and Epping
  • think the provision of affordable housing for people such as teachers, nurses, disability and childcare workers, and emergency workers like paramedics and police was a great idea
  • are concerned about the impact on traffic congestion and parking
  • are concerned about the capacity of schools in the area
  • are opposed to the proposed maximum building height of up to eight storeys.

We value your feedback and our team is considering this, along with the findings from the technical studies required by the Department of Planning, Environment and Industry.

Once the proposal is submitted, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will review it and then place it on public exhibition. At this stage, you will be able to see the final proposal and all of the reports and studies that informed it, including a detailed report on the outcomes of the community consultation. You will be able to make further comments on the proposal at this time.

Consultation activities

Community consultation about the rezoning of land near Cherrybrook Station began in late July 2020 and ended in late September 2020. We invited participation by:

  • Further rezoning proposal investigation
  • delivering flyers to 2,100 properties in Cherrybrook and West Pennant Hills
  • posting social media announcements on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • sending an update to people who have registered interest in the project
  • emailing 72 Cherrybrook community groups, service providers and businesses
  • sending a media announcement to the Northern District Times.

We also advised the local Member of Parliament and the Hornsby Shire Council Mayor and General Manager that community consultation had started.

Consultation activities included:

  • updated information about the project on our website
  • an online survey between 24 July and 6 September 2020
  • that same survey conducted over the telephone by an independent research company, aimed at collecting the opinions of three defined age groups (18-39, 40-59 and 60+ years) with roughly equal representation of each group
  • an online feedback form open until 27 September 2020
  • meetings with seven Cherrybrook community groups
  • an online community incubator held between 27 - 30 August 2020 with a follow up video conference held on 7 September 2020
  • an online coffee table conversation booklet, which closed on 27 September 2020.

What have we heard?

Sign up for project updates if you would like to hear about future opportunities to have your say.   

Once we have refined the proposal, we will report back on how feedback helped shape it. Any feedback we received that related to the wider area has been provided to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to guide their planning for the broader Cherrybrook area.

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Community update – October 2021

Over the past year, we have received a broad range of feedback from the community and other stakeholders about the options for the Cherrybrook precinct.

Based on this feedback, we continue to refine the proposal so it can best achieve our vision for an inviting, welcoming place – a place that balances housing choice, open space, community facilities, and a thriving local business and retail centre.

Considering this ongoing work, we are not expecting to submit the rezoning package with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for public exhibition this year.

We will provide an update to the community once the project progresses.

The concept plan

Subject to the outcomes of technical studies, a concept will be developed. The concept plan will not be a final plan for the Cherrybrook State Significant Precinct. It will demonstrate how the site could look if the area is rezoned.

Planning for wider Cherrybrook

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is preparing a Place Strategy for the broader Cherrybrook Station Precinct. This plan will provide further detail to guide the planning, infrastructure needs and implementation of the 2013 Cherrybrook Structure Plan. The precinct plan will then inform future rezoning proposals for the private land in the broader precinct.

Information about the Cherrybrook Station Precinct planning being led by the Department is available on the Department’s website.

Next steps

Landcom will lodge a rezoning application with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

After our rezoning application is lodged, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will place it on public exhibition for further comment for at least 28 days. The Department will then review the submissions it receives, before the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces makes a final decision.

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