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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

We will seek the input of all those that have a stake in the outcomes of the program.

Our stakeholders include the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, local councils, other government organisations, industry, businesses and local communities.

Our approach

Our approach to engaging these stakeholders is underpinned by these engagement principles:

  • Collaborative

    Aim: Working with stakeholders with an interest in delivering positive project outcomes

  • Principle: Purposeful

    Aim: Planning and resourcing engagement to support project delivery

  • Principle: Proactive

    Aim: Engaging stakeholders early and throughout project planning and delivery and making it easy for them to participate

  • Principle: Accountable

    Aim: Being clear about the purpose of engagement, level of influence and how the influence has shaped recommendations and decisions

  • Principle: Inclusive

    Aim: Engaging stakeholders with different needs and interests

our commitment side

Our commitment

Landcom is committed to engaging stakeholders in our projects and to continuously improving how we engage with our stakeholders.

We’ll let you know about opportunities to have your say through:

  • this website
  • social media updates (@landcomplaces, #smnwplaces)
  • letterbox drops
  • advertisements in local papers
  • enewsletters.

We’ll inform, consult and involve the community in our projects in a number of different ways:

  • community information and feedback sessions
  • online polls and surveys
  • workshops and focus groups
  • walking tours.

Find out more about Landcom’s commitment to best practice stakeholder engagement.