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About the Tallawong Project

Close to The Ponds and one Metro stop from Rouse Hill Town Centre, the Tallawong Project will provide a range of housing to meet the needs of different people at different life stages.

Tallawong Station Precinct South will be the first place to be delivered as part of the Tallawong Project and Deicorp have been appointed to deliver the development. It is expected that construction could commence from late 2021. Read more about the appointment of Deicorp.

Work is also underway to prepare a Development Application for the government land between Terry Road and Schofields Road. This land is shown on the map below. As more information becomes available in the second half of 2020 it will be added to this website.

Blacktown City Libraries Mobile Library is coming to Tallawong

Landcom is proud to be partnering with Blacktown City Council to bring the Blacktown City Libraries Mobile Library to Tallawong Pocket Park.

At a glance

  • Land use zonings

    Includes Local Centre (B2), Mixed Use (B4) and Medium Density Residential (R3)

  • Developable land

    Approximately 17.2 hectares

  • Diverse housing

    Meeting the needs of different people at different life stages

  • Temporary pocket park

    For community use while developments with permanent parks are established over time.  

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Tallawong development project

The Tallawong Project is made up of a number of smaller places or precincts of developable government land owned by Sydney Metro. These places will be developed over time. The first place we are planning for development is Tallawong Station Precinct South.

Stage one: Tallawong Station Precinct South

The vision for Tallawong Station Precinct South is for an active, walkable town centre, with places to live and work, with a village park and metro station as its focus.

The State Significant Development Application (SSDA) lodged by Landcom with the (then) Department of Planning and Environment in 2018 was approved in February 2019.

In June 2020, Deicorp lodged a State Significant Development Application (SSDA) with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for the development of the site

The Department has placed the application on public exhibition for 28 days from 25 June 2020 until 22 July 2020.

The application is largely consistent with the approved Concept Plan and  seeks consent to construct a staged mixed use development including:

  • 17 buildings of between 2 and 8 storeys
  • 93,393m2 of gross floor area
  • 987 dwellings
  • 9,000m2 of commercial and retail uses
  • Minimum 5% Affordable Housing
  • A 3,507m2 publicly accessible park
  • Landscaping of the site for public and private open space

The SSDA is available for review and public submissions at: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/project/26916

The SSDA seeks minor modifications to the approved Concept Plan for Tallawong Station Precinct South (SSD 9063) with changes proposed to:

  • Building footprints and heights to maximise solar access, improve sight lines through the site and increase the size of the public park
  • Minimum residential visitor parking rates and improved retail parking by introducing consolidated basement parking underneath the park
  • Public and private land ownership to enable basement parking underneath the park and more flexibility in relation to design of the park beyond Council’s standard public domain finishes and fixtures
  • Location of basement and deep soil areas under the publicly accessible park
  • Road design to enable better access to the west of the park.

The Approved Concept Plan Modification Application is available for review and public submissions at:


Landcom will continue to work with Deicorp to ensure the vision for the site as proposed in the approved Concept Plan is realised.

Community and other stakeholder engagement

Engaging with the community and stakeholders is an important part of the planning and delivery stage of any development. We held a community information session about the Tallawong project in March 2018 and another in August 2018  to provide an update on planning for the site and to seek feedback on issues for us to consider.

We heard about the importance of:

  • open spaces
  • spaces for community use
  • connecting planned shared paths with existing shared paths
  • minimising potential traffic impacts.
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In response to community feedback, our concept included spaces that could be used for community uses, a village park, connected shared paths and easy access to the station to reduce possible car use by future residents.

During public exhibition of the concept SSDA in 2018, we received 12 submissions from government agencies and 20 submissions from community members. Key issues raised by the community included:

  • traffic and parking impacts
  • change of character due to building heights
  • impact on existing roads and other services.

We refined the concept proposal to address a number of issues raised during the public exhibition, by:

  • increasing the village park by more than 500m2
  • relocating the retail plaza to increase daylight to the plaza.

Landcom has since submitted and had approval for the SSDA Concept Design. Subscribe below to receive updates and notifications as they come.