Pink and Blue

Public art

Sam Songailo, Pink and Blue Oasis , 2019, Bella Vista Station. Commissioned by Landcom in 2019 for Sydney Metro Northwest Places Public Art Program. Image courtesy of Landcom.

Bella Vista: Pastel Shadow by Sam Songailo

About Sam Songailo

Sam Songailo's work takes form in painting, installation, video, sound and sculpture. He is deeply influenced by digital technology and electronic music adopting algorithms and concepts from these disciplines that shape his approach to both physical and pictorial space. Often highly immersive and realised on a monumental scale, his work accentuates the compositional elements of line and space in a form that recalls both the modernist grid and digital networks. Songailo has exhibited throughout Australia and the USA, delivered a number of public artworks and been the recipient of numerous grants and awards.


About the artwork - Pastel Shadow

The monumental artwork is striking from a distance and up close. By integrating the artwork and lighting into the environment, the artist connects us with the surrounding area and creates an immersive experience that enriches the site. A sense of place is created in which a shared space comes to life for the community.