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New supplier request

Submissions are requested for temporary vendors of food, beverage and/or merchandise for Sydney Metro Northwest temporary public spaces.


Landcom invites submissions from suitably qualified and experienced organisations for the provision of temporary food, beverage and/or merchandise vending within Sydney Metro Northwest Temporary Public Spaces. The public spaces are located close to the Northwest Metro stations and include Tallawong, Bella Vista and The Hills Showground in the first year of this public space activation program. A wide selection of temporary food, beverage and merchandise outlets are required. Operators are encouraged to offer a range of products suitable for outdoor activations and public events. The selection and placement of vending operators and outlets will be at the absolute discretion of Landcom.

Making a submission

The submission form provides detailed information about the opportunity.

Responses to the submission will allow Landcom to create an eligibility list which will remain active for up to five years. Landcom will select operators from the eligibility list to operate vending services for Activations/Events that are part of the Sydney Metro Northwest Temporary Public Spaces. The selection will be based on the available vending locations and the suitability of vending operators and their outlets for the available locations.

View the sample license for food and merchandise vendor.

Vending operators that wish to be considered by Landcom for the Activation/Event should use this submission form and email to jeades@landcom.nsw.gov.au.

Critical dates

Vending operators that wish to be considered by Landcom for the Activation/Event must complete all returnable forms and provide the attachments required in accordance with this document to Landcom by the closing date of 25 October 2019. However, vendor operators that propose to commence operating from the first day of public operation of Tallawong Station must submit their bid by the launch due date of 9 April 2019. Bids received between 10 April 2019 and 25 October 2019 (inclusive) will be opened as received and will be assessed having regard to the then available capacity and operational requirements of the temporary public spaces.


For more information please contact:
Janet Eades Place Manager
Phone: 02 9841 7460
Email: jeades@landcom.nsw.gov.au