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Hills Showground park consultation

Indicative artist impression, subject to change and subject to approvals

Concept proposal

Was the community consulted on the concept proposal?

The community were given opportunities to provide feedback during the preparation of the concept proposal for the new neighbourhood. Click here for information about the consultation.


What heights will buildings be?

The approved concept proposal is consistent with the permissible maximum buildings height of 68 metres, which allows for buildings up to 20 storeys.

The design of buildings will be determined during the detailed design phase, as part of future development applications. The development applications will be placed on public exhibition to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback.

How has traffic been considered?

A maximum of 1,782 residential car parking spaces (including visitor parking) is permissible. The number of car parking spaces reflects that the precinct is designed to enable the local community to walk, cycle and use public transport.

How will Castle Hill Showground be considered in the development?

The Urban Design Guidelines include design controls for buildings that face towards the Castle Hill Showground. The controls provide for a stepped down approach to provide an appropriate transition of building heights to be human scale at the street level and to promote high quality architectural designs.

Shared pathways and links have been considered as part of the concept masterplan which have been outlined in the Urban Design Guidelines.

What sustainability features are being considered?

Planning for the precinct has been informed by Landcom’s Sustainable Places Strategy, which demonstrates our commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The approved concept State Significant Development Application requires a minimum 40% tree canopy cover to be provided throughout the park to provide plenty of shade and reduce land surface temperatures.

Other sustainability initiatives being considered include specific fit out materials and fixtures, energy efficient lighting, water efficiency measures and waste management systems.

When will construction commence?

Construction is subject to the approval of each precinct detailed design development application. Landcom’s development partner(s) will prepare and lodge their detailed design of the buildings via a State Significant Development Application with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, which will require further stakeholder and community consultation.

Our first development partner is Deicorp, who will manage the delivery of the Doran Drive Precinct.

What consideration has been made for a new school?

School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) has confirmed that a new primary school is required to meet future demand generated within the wider Hills Showground area. SINSW is undertaking a detailed review of accommodation needs and is considering options for the location of the new primary school including access to appropriate open space. Options under consideration include the Precinct West site within the Hills Showground Station Precinct and other site/s within the wider precinct.

We will continue engaging with SINSW to help identify an appropriate site to meet the future needs of the wider Hills Showground area.

Park delivery

What role do Sydney Metro play?

Sydney Metro is the current landowner. Landcom and Sydney Metro are working together to plan the new neighbourhood at Hills Showground, which includes the new park, homes, shops, commercial and community uses. As the landowner, Sydney Metro reviewed and approved the detailed design before it was submitted to The Hills Shire Council for planning assessment.

When will park construction start and finish?

Anticipated construction timeframes will be confirmed after planning approval has been granted, which is likely to be in late 2022. Construction is planned to start soon after this and the park could be open for the community in 2024.

Will the park only be for residents of the new apartment buildings?

The park will be available for all members of the community to use and enjoy.

Park design

Will Landcom provide information about how the feedback received during the community consultation has informed the design of the park?

We have prepared a summary document to let you know how your ideas and feedback have helped shape the park design.

How big will the park be?

We are designing a new park that will be around 3.200m2.

How will the park be accessible and inclusive?

The design will consider the NSW State Government’s Everyone Can Play guidelines, which is a toolkit that assists in the design of world-class inclusive play spaces.  We are carefully considering the overall park layout and configuration, locations and materials of play equipment, pathways, signage, seating and tables so these features are inclusive and accessible.

What is the vision for the park?

Our vision for the park is a ‘leafy shared backyard’ where nearby residents and the community can relax, exercise, play, be creative or meet with friends and family. We want the park to become an important local destination for the public to use and enjoy. We are designing different spaces within the park that appeal to all age groups and park users.

Will there be a play area in the park?

Our design incorporates formal and informal play opportunities, providing for all ages and abilities. The formal play spaces include play equipment for younger and older children and the informal play areas include nature play areas, a discovery trail and an amphitheatre. These will be considered and refined in consultation with The Hills Shire Council.

Will the play areas be shaded?

Our design includes formal play areas with shade structures and informal play spaces will be located within the shade of tree canopies. These will be considered and refined in consultation with The Hills Shire Council.

Will the park include barbeques?

Our design features a barbeque space that will be considered and refined in consultation with The Hills Shire Council.

Will there be shelters, tables and chairs at the park?

Our design includes shelters above the barbeque spaces and a range of tables and seating around the park. These will be considered and refined in consultation with The Hills Shire Council.

How much shade will be in the park?

The design for the park includes a mix of shade from existing and new trees, as well as shade structures that will cover the high use areas such as playgrounds and barbeque facilities.

Contact us

How can I get in touch if I have more questions?

You can contact the Sydney Metro Northwest Places project team on 1800 712 292 or at sydneymetronorthwest@landcom.nsw.gov.au.