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Indicative artist impression, subject to change and subject to approvals

Concept proposal

Landcom prepared a draft concept proposal as part of the concept State Significant Development Application. In June 2019, the community were invited to an information session to provide feedback on the draft concept proposal.

After considering stakeholder and community feedback, we lodged a concept State Significant Development Application with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in October 2019. The Application was on public exhibition from late October to late November 2019.

The public exhibition provided an additional opportunity for the community to provide feedback. Some of the feedback included:

  • requests to consider building design excellence
  • requests to consider the visual and privacy impacts of buildings
  • concerns about larger buildings overshadowing open spaces
  • concerns about the ability of the proposed local infrastructure upgrades and car parking rates to support the development
  • suggestions to the improve the accessibility and usability of road frontages
  • requests to consider opportunities to improve the connections to public open space
  • questions about the extent of trees and planting.

In July 2020, we responded to feedback received during the public exhibition in the Response to Submissions package.

Some of the updates to the concept proposal include:

  • changes to the station plaza layout and site link to break up the built form and improve connections
  • changes to building setbacks and separations to reflect the intended character of the area
  • revised car parking rates to encourage public transport use
  • updates to the tree planting strategy to achieve a minimum 40% tree canopy

The updated concept proposal includes:

  • Up to 1,910 homes
  • Retail gross floor area of up to 10,736m2
  • 22,000m2 of public open space including parks and plazas.

It is expected that the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces will make a decision on the State Significant Development Application in 2022.