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Indicative artist impression, subject to change and detailed design approvals.

Frequently asked questions

What is the approved building height and scale?

The concept approval is consistent with the existing maximum building height of 48 metres, which allows for buildings up to 15 storeys. The final design of buildings will be determined through further detailed design as part of a future State Significant Development Application. The application will be placed on public exhibition to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback.

How has traffic been considered?

Landcom submitted a Traffic and Transport Study with the application which investigated potential traffic impacts associated with the development. An independent traffic and transport consultant was engaged by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to undertake a peer review as part of the assessment process. They agreed that traffic associated with the proposal represented less than a 1% increase in traffic volume and that the development would not affect the existing performance of major intersections.

How has parking been considered?

The car parking rates in the concept proposal are consistent with a transit orientated development. The concept proposal encourages new residents to walk, cycle and use public transport, instead of driving.

How much open and community space will there be?

The development will include 2,710m² of communal open space in courtyards between buildings, as terraces on the rooftop of the podium structures linking the buildings and the rooftops of the buildings.

Additionally, the pedestrian link through the centre of the site has been redesigned to provide a wider, publicly accessible link between Beecroft Road and Ray Road. The landscaped pathway will make it easier and safer for people to move through the site.

Why is there no commercial space in the new development?

The approved concept allows for a maximum of 1,000m2 of non-residential space to service the daily needs of future and local residents and to provide local jobs. The Epping town centre has low demand for office space and there is currently a high vacancy rate for commercial office space because larger companies prefer better serviced locations, such as Macquarie Park, Parramatta and Chatswood.

We undertook a retail and economic assessment as part of our application which identified services for local needs would be more feasible for the site. Local needs could include small retail shops, grocery shops, restaurants, cafes and/or a medical centre.

How much Affordable Housing will be included in the development?

The approved concept includes a minimum of 5% of the total gross residential floor area as Affordable Housing managed by a registered Community Housing Provider.

How has sustainability been considered in the development?

The approved concept requires future development applications to demonstrate principles of ecologically sustainable developments in the design and construction of new buildings.